Workshops for trans, intersex and non-binary workers and jobseekers

The project partners have started conducting trainings and workshops with trans, intersex and non-binary workers and jobseekers. Over the course of the workshops, the participants will be familiarised with their rights as workers and instructed on how to respond to discrimination in the workplace and while looking for work.

Trainings for Human Resources professionals

As part of this phase of the project, the project partners have started conducting trainings for Human Resources professionals. Some of the topics covered as part of the trainings include dealing with workplace discrimination and integrating anti-discrimination policies in the company’s internal policies. The participants will be introduced to the relevant basic terms and discuss […]

National reports

Based on qualitative and quantitative research conducted in all partner countries, the project partners have produced national reports. The research consisted of questionnaires and interviews conducted with Human Resources professionals and trans, intersex and non-binary people. The research covered issues such as the knowledge, attitudes and experiences of Human Resources professionals, and the experiences of […]

Project kickoff

The project Inclusion4All – Trans, intersex and non-binary people at work started in November 2020 and will be implemented until November 2022 in five countries as part of the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme. The aim of the project is to promote the effective implementation of the principle of non-discrimination of trans, intersex […]