Háttér Society, founded in 1995, is the largest and oldest currently operating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) organization in Hungary. Our aims are calling attention to the problems faced by LGBTQI people; providing support services; exploring the situation and needs of LGBTQI people; mainstreaming these concerns in laws and public services; protecting the human rights of LGBTQI people and countering discrimination against them; promoting the health and well-being of LGBTQI people; encouraging the self-organization of LGBTQI communities; and preserving and spreading LGBTQI heritage and culture.

University of Brescia

The University of Brescia is an Italian public research university located in Brescia which was officially established in 1982. The University of Brescia is now a medium-size university and offers quality programs and competitive research in areas related to Health, Law, Engineering and Economics.
The University’s aim is to improve, continuously, the quality of life of the people and the environment of Brescia, Italy, and the world at large, by generating integrated cultural and technical knowledge and by providing training and tools to address the challenges of our times.


SURT is a women’s foundation based in Barcelona since 1993. It works to enforce the economic, social and cultural rights of women and LGBTI people and to eradicate all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender.


Transgender Netwerk Nederland has been a central advocacy organisation for the emancipation of transgender and non-binary people in the Netherlands since 2008. As a foundation, TNN works on a broad scale to advance the rights of transgender and non-binary people, with the ultimate goal of realising an inclusive genderdiverse society.

Zagreb Pride

Zagreb Pride is a queer feminist and anti-fascist organisation committed to the achievement of an active society of solidarity and equality free from sexual and gender norms and categories, as well as all other kinds of oppression.